Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Day the Roses Bloom

Just outside my kitchen window,
there is a rose bush that the previous owners
left on the back deck when we moved here.

I pretty much ignore it and forget about it
until one day I look out the window
while I'm loading the dishwasher 
and see the most beautiful roses blooming
despite the fact that it is totally negelected.

The day that the roses bloom is 
always a shock to me
but I'm always so happy to see them
stretching and yawning awake.

It's adds a little cheer to my chores
in the kitchen.

Thank God for flowers
that aren't dependent on me to stay alive.
I have a black thumb,
the thumb of death.

Here's the sunflowers
sitting on my old dirty windowsill 
that I was determined to nurture.

Yup, they're dead.
Sorry little Sunflowers
but it's kind of your fault
for not being roses.

1 comment:

Linda D. said...

what a pretty, pretty rose! Ain't nature great.. when left to it's own nurturing? A lovely surprise indeed.