Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday : An Ode to the Wildest Girls in Town

Originally posted 4/27/11


I think that wild flowers
are the most brazen of all the flowers
and have a deep respect for them.


No one plants them,
they grow where ever they sprout up.
No one tends to them,
they can take care of themselves.

They are so much more bawdy
than a pruned rose bush that blooms in a person's front yard.
These are not pampered flowers.
They are resilient.


They usually hang around the side of the road.
Sometimes, they even creep right up to the asphalt.
They almost look defiant as they line up beside the road.
Their beautiful colors seem so bold
next to the hot concrete.


They bend in the rush of the cars passing by
and the wind flutters their petals.
They must feel so much freedom and exhilaration
as they sway and spin around.


I'd like to think that if I were a flower
that I would be one of these gutsy girls.

1 comment:

Linda D. said...

BEAUTIFUL! I'm looking at the flowers along the road with new, appreciative eyes.