Monday, May 20, 2013

Top 10 Reasons that I love that man of mine!

I'm back!
We had our 10 year anniversary last week
so we left the boys with my parents
and went to the beach to celebrate.

It was beyond awesome!

As a little gift to Roger, I've compiled a list
of all the reasons that I love him.
One reason for each year!

I don't write about him often on here
cause he's a super private person
but he's just gonna have to deal 
while I shower him with some Blog love!

  photo 1501b1c7-be13-4381-ba7c-a3785a1e9e40_zps05ab4247.jpg

 10. He wears a cowboy hat and Elvis sunglasses on the beach.

9. He taught me how to cook and didn't get annoyed even once if I burned dinner or if the salt shaker lid accidentally fell off
and dropped too much salt into a dish.

8. He dances like James Brown.

7. If I walk past him at any given moment, he always smacks my butt.

6. He follows directions well. Like when I told him when we were dating how much I love to get flowers
 and now at every special occasion I get a bouquet.
Even if he has to leave the house at midnight to fetch them.

5. From the moment he walks in the door from work
to the moment that our children are in bed, he is fully engaged 
and doing all sorts of daddy duties.

4. He calls me on his drive to work to tell me that he misses me.

3. He prays with me.

2. He loves all Jane Austen movies but also loves to hunt.

1. I always feel safe when he's near.


Angelwithatwist said...

Aww Happy Anniversary you all. How sweet. Mine still smacks my butt as well.. and we have 18 years with us.

Sabrina said...

That melts my heart! You and Roger seem to be like myself and my hubby. Cheers!

Linda D. said...


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy 10th! He sound wonderful and I like his hat and Elvis glasses. :) I don't talk about my husband much either. . .those private guys. What are we going to do with them?


Ah, you have the perfect man-an he the perfect woman. :)