Monday, June 17, 2013

Love and the zoo...

My BFF, Erin and her sweet little boy, James
came in town from Atlanta for a little visit.

Let me tell you, it was a love fest.
Everybody was holding hands
and happy to be together.
Griffin and James literally held
hands the entire time.

It was super sweet.
I love seeing our boys love
each other as much me and Erin love each other.

Except Erin and I never fight over toys.

even though it was hot
and we were sweating like pigs,
we had a great time
visiting the podunk zoo in our little town.

 photo 6e8fed78-fcf5-473d-8d47-9c965bf9c7b5_zps68728b83.jpg

We love our little zoo
because all the animals were nursed
back to health from injuries
and are well taken care of.

The staff works really hard
to educate children about wildlife.

We always enjoy visiting the bears.
 It was a super fun day!

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Linda D. said...

Ahhh.. that's just plain old sweet and sassy!