Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We finally made it to Athfest!

Out town has an outdoor festival every summer called Athfest. 
We never go because it's always too hot to enjoy it. 
Each year I see pictures of my friends at the festival
on their Facebook pages and everybody looks sweaty and annoyed. 

 The weather was much cooler this year so we decided to go. 

They have an entire area dedicated to kids.
Home Depot had a little building activity
so it was madness in there.

Kids hammering all at once and a drum circle too.
There was also a loud hula hoop dance party in the corner.
For a moment I thought that my head might explode.

The kids loved it, though
and enjoyed making little tool boxes.

They also loved their cherry snowcones.

We listened to some awesome Blue Grass
and embarrassed the kids by dancing 
like we were at a hootenanny.

It was a fun afternoon.


Linda D. said...

Gotta love Athfest. Glad you made it this year. Awesome energy - right?


What's a hootenanny?

Sue said...

I could go for one of those cherry snow cones right now. Which is kinda scary because it's super late at night. (Or early in the morning.)

I'd better hit the hay.