Monday, July 29, 2013

My Dad's Trip to Hell and Back

Remember this fantastic wardrobe that I found?
Well, getting it home became quite a saga.
I bought it at a store in Atlanta,
which was a bit of a problem considering
that I live 175 miles away round trip.

I called my dad from the store 
to see if he'd be willing to drive in 
with his truck and bring it back.

At first he said no.
Then I called back and begged
and he begrudgingly said yes.

I must have super persuasive daughter powers.
That and I'm just a little bit spoiled.

The thing is that my dad hates driving in traffic.
He'd rather have a tooth pulled,
slam his finger in the door,
or smell a dirty diaper than drive
in Atlanta traffic.

I tried finding an alternative
to picking it up to let him off the hook.

He finally accepted his fate
and last week he carted me 
on the long trek to fetch my wardrobe.

He wasn't happy about it
but he did it cause he loves me.

Riding in traffic is an adventure with my dad.
I tried to make casual conversation but he'd shout
"No talking! I'm driving!"

Once we got there and loaded it up
he relaxed a little bit
and actually made a joke or two on the drive back.

He braved construction,
big rigs, speed traps,
traffic, and miles and miles of road
all because he loves me.
My furniture is now safe and sound in my home.

Thanks, daddy.
You're the best!

Tune in soon and I'll share
with you the continuing saga
of my lovely wardrobe.

1 comment:

Linda D. said...

Ahhh... dad's come to the rescue even if they do it in a gruff way! Love conquers all!