Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: Reading Makes Me Happy!

Originally posted 8/30/2011


Rediscovering my love for reading.

Over the last six years since becoming a mama
I haven't really had an interest in reading books.

It's been just too much to try

to fit in reading

with my two little monsters
needing so much of my time.

Well, my love for reading

has been rekindled.

I suppose that they are getting older

and suddenly, my life has

room for books.


I don't have the luxury of sitting down
to read for huge chunks of time

so I find myself stealing moments

to soak in the story.

Slowly, as the week passes

I read the book in quick spurts throughout the day.

While waiting in the car line

to pick Griffin up from school,

I give Koen a book to thumb through

in the backseat and we both

take a minute to read.


I am a voracious reader
who gets pulled into the story easily.

My mind wanders to the characters often.

While doing household chores I will

think of the story and before I know it,

the dishwasher is only half loaded
and my feet are propped up while I read.


Sometimes I can't sleep
because the book is calling to me.

I snuggle up in bed and yawn

and read and rub my eyes and read some more.


As the boys play outside
and my cranky cat begs for attention,

I shut out the world

and get lost yet again in the story.

It's as if some the best parts of me
that were lost in Motherhood
are slowly coming home.



Linda D. said...

Thanks for revisiting this lovely post. Dedicated readers, such as yourself, always return to their first love - reading! BTW the photos are fantastic.

Sue said...

I liked that book. She's a fun author to read.