Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Little Tour of the Kitchen Salon

I've finally put the finishing touches
on The Kitchen Salon,
you know, the little space where I
cut hair from time to time.

It's such a fun place
that I just have to share the details with you.

I'd like to first draw your attention
to the fact that
the retro haircutting chair
is standing on Dr. Suess books.

My dad bought the chair at the flea market
and it has no risers on the bottom
so I use books to keep if from wobbling.

Prett-y Class-y if you ask me.

  photo 55f30455-b60f-43dc-9b5c-19e2aa31b88e_zps38f1c41f.jpg

I just adore this sweet girl that serves
as my Barbicide jar
and hold my combs and stuff.

Who wants a boring old jar?
I love her!

 photo 4355957c-45a8-457d-9ec1-433d9b8c2751_zps463f09ab.jpg

My bird wall vase serves
as a home for the
egg carton flowers that Koen
made for me for Mother's Day.


 photo 18039ab6-c845-495d-9bf1-d5995008c81d_zps68da7b38.jpg 

I snatched my husband's vintage recipe card
wall hang thingy
and it now holds my business cards.

I love that I married a man
that owns stuff like this.

  photo 7aa3fa4d-829a-4304-927b-34df1730b1ad_zpsf0c03e2e.jpg 

This little fancy framed flower makes
me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It's a swatch of the wallpaper
that was in the kitchen of my childhood home.

I discovered that I had
saved it in an old journal
and decided to frame it and keep it close.

I love being reminded of home.

  photo 90983fb7-5d02-48db-b2e2-1dd7509a9528_zps62309f98.jpg 

My beloved retro salt and pepper shaker collection
hangs out in the kitchen too.

It cracks me up that the chef
looks like she's shocked
that the little Hispanic couple are kissing.

So, thank you for allowing
me to give you a tour of The Kitchen Salon.
I hope that you enjoyed it.


Christy said...

I love all your cute stuff! Especially YOU in that darling apron!

Linda D. said...

So nice to see the hair stylist in the huge station mirror! I'm sure everybody who gets their hair done there, like me, just loves those homey touches!