Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday :: Despite my twitchy eye

Originally posted 08/18/11

As I opened the letter from Koen's future preschool my heart sank. "Meet the teacher day" was the following week and biting on it's heels was the first day of school. I glanced over at my sweet 2 year old playing with his tools on the floor and I knew that neither of us were ready.

I wasn't ready.

So, I made the decision to trust my instincts and keep him home with me for one more year. Just one more year to have him here with me. He has the rest of his childhood to spend in a classroom. I am treasuring every moment as even the simplest tasks seem more fun because he is here. A trip to the grocery store is an adventure as we stop to visit the fish tanks. His eyes get big as the gold fish swim up to the filter and dive fast with the current of water. "They having fun, mama!" he squeals with glee.

"So are we kiddo"
I think to myself.

I take him to a gymnastics class once a week and as he jumps down the tumble track with his arms held high over his head, I soak in that image. Before long, he will be off to school and I will miss these simple moments. Like my sweet boy bouncing as I run alongside the trampoline, cheering him on as bounces higher and higher. We fall onto the blue mat at the end and roll around together. His little body wiggles happily in my arms and my life feels so full at that moment.

I made the right decision.

Our favorite book is I am a Bunny. We curl up at nap time in the glider and read the sweet story before he drifts off to sleep. Why would I want to miss this fleeting moment in time? When we get to the page where the bunny blows the dandelion seeds into the air, Koen always takes in a deep breath and pretends to blow onto the page. His little eyes shut tight as he releases his breath and we both silently make a wish.

This is where he is supposed to be.


Katherine said...

This post makes me feel that I have been reading your blog for the longest time, because I remember when you first posted this. At the time, I was sending my baby to kindergarten and thinking that maybe I should wait another year. Sometimes, I still wish that I had. But he is thriving and happy (despite all my anxiety, it seems.)

Linda D. said...

What great evidence that you made the right decision! now he's one of those happy preschoolers (next year kindergartner) who LOVES school and you have happy memories of that extra school year you shared the joy of bunnies and jumping on trampolines! More fun is bound to follow!