Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Little House Tour :: My New Creative Space

Over the weekend, I gave my home office
(which is a corner in the living room)
a little makeover.

I found this awesome refinished desk
at an antique store in Atlanta.

I feel like my creative space looks
like a place where Jane Austin might have
 written at once upon a time.

Minus the computer, of course.

 You know me though,
it's the little details that make me happy.

Like this lovely framed picture
of Roger and I from our honeymoon in Hawaii.

We took a private boat tour of the coastline
and smooched beneath a waterfall
where the locals used to baptise royal babies.

So romantic and dreamy.

I just love to ornate drawer pulls on my new desk.
Don't tell anybody but that rug under there
was in a "take" pile on the curb of a fancy house in Atlanta
after their garage sale was over.

A beautiful free rug?
I'll take it!

Oh and this pretty pitcher was 
a flea market steal.

It makes the perfect pen holder.

I just love displaying this metal
that Roger's late Grandma won years ago
for 1st place in a Horseshoe tossing Olympics.

I also found this lovely print 
at the same antique store as I found the desk.

I just want to crawl into the painting
and read a book on that bench!

My new space is the perfect place
for me to finish my novel.

Thanks for allowing me to share it with you!


Katherine said...

What a beautiful little space. So much better than a corner of my crowded kitchen counter, where the only decorations are the stack of old school papers and bills.

Karen Mortensen said...

What a very nice place. I really like the pitcher with the pens in it.

Linda D. said...

Beautiful! Creative! and SO YOU! ;-)