Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Oldie But a Goodie :: This is a True Story

Originally posted 10/29/10

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It was a balmy night in San Antonio, Texas
and as my car barrelled through the night,
all of the passengers in the car sat in silence.
We were all building up our courage to visit the Ghost Tracks.

The story is the stuff of urban legend...
the tale of an intersection of roadway and railroad track that is haunted.
In the 1930s a school bus full of children
stalled on the railroad tracks and a train crashed into the bus.
10 children died as well as the bus driver on that day.

Legend says that the spirit of the children linger
near the tracks and if a car stops in front of the tracks
that they will push your car over the tracks to safety.
To add to the spookiness of this
paranormal phenomena,
folks say that if you cover the back of the car
and rear bumper with baby powder that you will see tiny fingerprints.
No doubt, prints from the dead children.

My friends and I were just crazy enough
to put this urban legend to the test.
We pulled the car up to the intersection
that was seemingly on an upward slant.
The car was put into neutral 30 yards from the railroad tracks.

We sat in silence until one of us would giggle
then we would all shoosh and smack each other to be quiet.
A few of us jumped out of the car
and braved the silent darkness
to put the baby powder on the back of the car
and then ran back in the car squealing.

Then we sat idling before the tracks.
I turned off the engine and put the car in neutral.
As I took my foot off of the gas,
I could feel my heart beating in my neck
I was so scared.

Suddenly, the car started to move forward.
We all gasped as we gained momentum
and went steadily over the bump,
then over the tracks,
and down on the other side.

Once the car stopped,
we all took turns screaming and freaking out.
Did we dare get out of the car to see if the fingerprints were there?
We made a pact to all get of the car together to look.

Armed with a flashlight,
I shined the light on the bumper to find
tiny fingerprints all over the back of my car.
No lie, there were little bitty hand prints all over the place.

We all screamed again and bumped into one another
as we scrambled to get back in the car.
I drove like a bat out of hell
and never looked back.

Don't believe me?
Watch this...

Have a Happy Halloween!!!

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Sarah Kocunik said...

Very spooky! I love that kind of stuff.