Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Oldie but a Goodie :: Blogging Outside of the Box

Originally posted 07/07/10
I am declaring my Manifesto.

I blog because I love to write.
I'm not here to make money
or find fortune and glory.

I refuse to Twitter to promote my Blog.
I need to spend time with my family,
instead of updating y'all about the fact that
I am spending time with my family.

I have declined sponsorship
that has been offered in the past
I doubt if any of y'all really
are looking for a pay day loan.

If I ever sale ads on this page
it will be for something or someone
that I can stand behind.

I love my readers and celebrate when
people show up to read my posts.
Yet, I don't check my stats.
I am not a slave to the numbers.

I am here
because I love to write.
I love to take photographs.
I love to have a creative space.
I love to have a place
to remind me to not forget
the little moments in life
that pass too quickly.

I write for me and
I write for you,
if you choose to show up.

I have a Blog
because there are moments
in life that are too beautiful to not document.

I have this Blog
because life is full of humor
and joy
and I need a place
to let it simmer in my life.

I show up here
day after day
and type away
because there is something
unobtainable driving me
to document
my life
my thoughts
my spirit
my fears
my celebrations
my inspirations
in hopes that maybe
you feel these things too.

This is my manifesto
and I'm sticking to it.
Unless, of course,
you are Oprah or one of Oprah's people
and you love my blog so much
that you want to make
me a household name
because you think that I am fabulous.

Maybe I'd Twitter about that.

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