Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Koen's Big Day

It's no secret that I love educators.
A good teacher can make
a huge difference in a child's life.

Koen's class had a sweet little open house 
where we were invited to join him
in the classroom and allow 
him to share the work he does everyday with us.
 I just love this picture that his teacher sent me.

The huge grin on his face says everything.
It's so important to foster a passion for learning
and I just love how proud he is
to show us is work.

The best teachers are the ones
that let the children shine
and I'm thrilled to see my 
little guy beaming in the classroom.

Do you have a teacher in your life 
that goes above and beyond
the call of duty for your child?

Be sure to thank them.

If you want to learn about
other teachers making a difference
be sure to check out the Milken Educator Awards.
They surprise amazing educators
with a $25,000 thank you.

Be sure to bring a tissue with you, though.
It's pretty moving to see these great teachers
get the recognition they deserve.

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