Thursday, January 16, 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie :: Love After Baby

Originally posted 9/29/09

The other day I was fluttering around the kitchen 
with my baby on my hip.
 I opened the freezer door
 and all of this stuff came tumbling out. 
My husband quickly came over 
and crouched behind me to gather it all up
 and as he placed various things back in the freezer he said...

"I was going to bite your butt but I didn't want you to drop the baby."

We erupted into laughter. 
This says so much about 
where we are in our marriage at the moment.
 The love is there and the laughter is easy to share's all about the kids right now.
 We take it where we can get it.
He smacks my butt while I'm cooking dinner. 
We pass each other in the hallway each evening
 as I am heading to put Koen to bed 
and he is off to give Griffin a bath. 

We smile lovingly at one another 
as our shoulders brush in passing.
 "I'll meet you on the couch at 9" 
one of us will say to the other. 
Then, after Koen is sound asleep
 and Griffin is squeaky clean from his bath,
the three of us pile up and read stories together before bedtime. 
As we read Curious George for the 1000th time
 and Griffin sits snugly between us, 
we'll play footsie and give each other flirty grins.

By the time 9 o'clock rolls around, I am a zombie and he is too. 

We veg out on the couch watching this and that.
 By 9:30 I am almost asleep. 
By 9:45 I am brushing my teeth.
 At 10:00 pm I am in bed. 
So much for a hot steamy night of passion. 
These days, the only thing I kiss is my pillow 
as I lay down to go to sleep.

Me and my man are like 
two ships passing in the night.

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Stacey Kingdon said...

So true. My husband and I are so similar. We talked about this subject just last night. The little moments mean everything. Things like kisses before my husband goes to work, hugging each other in the kitchen while cooking dinner or holding hands in church. We wonder what happens when the kids become teenagers and never sleep. I guess that's when you take advantage of them being out with friends or make sure and schedule many weekend getaways.