Thursday, April 24, 2014

A silly daydream...

 I recently went to the reading 
and book signing for Frances Mayes.
She is the author of the book 
Under the Tuscan Sun.

I have to admit that I had
only seen the movie but
my mom and I decided
 to go check it out anyway.

I'm so glad that we went.
 While I was sitting in the audience
listening to her read from her latest book
I found myself daydreaming.

I want this.
I want to stand in front of a 
room full of my readers 
and crack open my novel.
I want to smell the newness of the printed pages,
take in a nervous breath,
feel my heart beating in my ears
as I read aloud the words I've written.

I want to wear a red dress 
with fishnet pantyhose
and inappropriately tall platform heels.

I want to have people ask me questions
during a Q & A
like "What's your creative process?"
and I can tell everyone about how
I wrote my novel 
while my boys wrestled on the floor behind me.
That I wrote it sentence by sentence
between fetching snacks 
and running the water
for bath time.

I want all of this.

I want to sit at a table with my favorite pen
and sign my name and offer hugs
to everyone who will give me one.
I want to stop and take photos
with every single person 
who might be excited to stand next me.

I want to tell some young girl
with stars in her eyes to keep writing
because that's what I did and look at me
I'm sitting here signing my books with my favorite pen.

I want this.
I want this so bad I can almost taste it.


Katherine said...

I want it for you, too! I love your writing, and if you write a book, I will go to your book signing.

Kristy LifenReflection said...

You'll have it too!!

Kathy McB said...

Dream it, believe it, live it! I met Frances Mayes and her husband when I stalked their "Bramasole" in Cortona, haha. They were so very, very nice :)

Linda D. said...

Fairy tales do come true... It can happen to you... especially with a real life example sitting right in front of you! Keep writing!