Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Happiness Project :: Grocery Shopping

My mom is giving me the greatest gift this summer.
Every Friday she watches the boys
so I can go grocery shopping alone.

I love my children but trying to grocery shop
with them in tow is like torture.
Between the begging for candy and knocking
everything off the shelves their little hands can touch,
I am a nervous wreck by the time we leave.

So, Nana has come to the rescue.
This is the highlight of my busy week.
I wander the aisles alone and enjoy the solitude.
Sometimes I stop and flip through a magazine,
just because I can with no distractions

It's a little dose of "me time" during our hectic summer.
I'll take in anywhere I can get it.


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Katherine said...

We used to go grocery shopping as a family and I always thought what a nice fun family time we were having. Until my children decided they hated it and would cry and lay on the floor and do everything they could to make it miserable. Now, shopping by myself is one my list of enjoyable things.

Kristy LifenReflection said...

So funny, I can relate!