Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Legend of Tomorrow :: Episode 4

When we last left the residents 
of the sleepy town of Tomorrow, 
Helen and Lovelace were having a show down in the woods
while Mindy suffered alone in a dark ally
after being run down by Helen's horse. 

After a heated argument
where Helen confronted Lovelace
of his intentions to leave her for Mindy,
the couple came to their senses
and realized they were more powerful
together than apart.

They fled to the town 
of Yesterday to rob banks
and start a life on the run.

Many years passed,
and everyone in town
assumed that Mindy had run off with Lovelace.

She had really pulled herself up from the ground and ran 
two towns back to a place called The Day After Yesterday
where she finished out her pregnancy in seclusion.

She raised her daughter, Sally
as a single mom.
Working two shifts at the Hunter's Lodge
and barely making enough to scrape by.

After struggling for years,
she decided to best thing 
would be to return to Tomorrow
and drop Sally off at the local church.

She had little choice,
so she moved in the cloak of night,
darkness enveloping her shame. 

But the town gossip, Vicky happened by on her sled
and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw 
Mindy and Sally.

The child was a mirror image of Corbin.
She moved fast to the town square
to share the news.

Trudy and Corbin
were devastated when Mindy
never showed up for her surprise party.

They found comfort in each other
and fell in love.
The two paid a visit to the square every year
on the same day to lament Mindy.

This year would be different
as Vicky shared the news of seeing
Mindy leave Sally at the church
before leaving town.

Shocked, Corbin dumped Trudy
and ran to the arms of his little girl. 

She reminded him so of Mindy 
and he just couldn't stay a moment longer with Trudy.

His heart belonged to Mindy and Sally.

Heartbroken, Trudy packed up previsions
and hopped onto a canoe,
paddling put into the icy waters,
her tears freezing on her cheeks.
to leave the town of Tomorrow.

But a snowstorm was heading her way!

Meanwhile, news was spreading fast
that Lovelace and Helen had been up
to things far more sinister than robbing banks.

Tune in next year to find out...

Does Corbin find Mindy?
Will Trudy make it out there in the cold world?
What are Lovelace and Helen up to?


Susan Anderson said...

Okay, I just added your blog to my blogroll (again) and got the message that your url doesn't have a feed. So you are not getting out to people properly. Maybe you could post on the Blogger help forum and see how to get your feed fixed. If you did, I'm sure you would pop back up on everybody's readers and everyone would be happy to see you again.

Hope you can get this resolved!


Susan Anderson said...

It's back! I am reading you in my feed now. I'll let you know if anything changes….


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