Monday, February 16, 2009

My heart is full of gratitude

My heart is full of gratitude for this woman...
the lovely Scarlet Buckley.

Who calls me almost every morning without fail to see if I want to exercise with her. We've both been pregnant for 31 weeks and not once have I gone to the Y with her. Yet still...she calls.

I love Scarlet because we can call each other and ramble on about pregnancy symptoms and hormonal fears and we both take turns talking each other down from some form of panic.

I love Scarlet because she has a 4 year old son named Oliver who is Griffin's friend and we get together in the afternoons and let the boys play while we put our feet up and eat cookies together.

I know that after we have the babies in April that we will be there for each other. That we will call in the morning to see how that baby slept or to discuss breast feeding positions and latching on.

Yes...I am lucky to know the lovely Scarlet Buckley!


Mary Jessica said...

I love Scarlet too...and you!

Wystan said...

Scarlet Buckley? Really?