Thursday, February 19, 2009

My very own Groundhog Day

I'll be the first to admit that I am spoiled rotten because my parents live so close and are so involved in helping me with my life. Apparently it takes more than one person to live my life because I've been doing it solo and everyday has felt the same lately. It seems like all I do is load the flippin' dishwasher and fight through some sort of ailment.

Life has been coming at me pretty slowly these past 6 weeks. Each week has presented a new challenge as I set to the task of keeping up with my household duties, growing a child, wiping Griffin's nose for the 1000th time, throwing up, falling down, groaning as bend over to pick up toys, tossing in loads of laundry, folding clothes, cooking, etc. If it's a domestic chore or some sort of illness, then it's been on my list over the past few weeks.

I suppose that I should find comfort in my little routine. These past 6 weeks have not been normal at all with my mom out of town. It's been good for me though, to fly solo and take charge of the homestead. Even if every day feels the same, it's my simple little life.

Mom comes home day after tomorrow and with her arrival will come some much needed support. A woman here to celebrate the last days before Cohen gets here with some good old fashioned nurturing for a pregnant mama. She'll hug me and love on me. She'll tell me to put my feet up, she'll watch Griffin so I can get a root canal, go to see my midwife, and get a haircut without having to worry about what to do with Griffin.

Yes...with her arrival my very own version of a 6 week Groundhog day will be come to an end.

A new day will dawn before me!

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