Monday, February 9, 2009

Lamenting bed time

We are indulgent about bedtime at our house. I'm sure that Griffin will need to talk many hours on a therapist's couch about our decadent bedtime.

Why not snuggle? Why not lay down in bed with him and rub his arm gently until he drifts off to sleep? I love telling Griffin this little story that I made up called "The Magic Pillow", it's a simple sweet story about a little boy that stumbles upon a pillow that tells him a magical story that helps him drift off to sleep. It's really a guided meditation where the pillow says goodnight to his body from his head to his toes and each body part gets heavy and falls asleep. I love laying next to him as he plays with my hair and I watch him fall peacefully asleep. Indulgence in it's finest form. Why not take the time for a decadent moment together? I mean, your only 4 once, right?

I am a big ball of emotion these days due to the fact that I am growing this baby we have coming soon at a rapid rate. The tears are easy to fall. I am slowly lamenting tender moments between Griffin and I that will soon need to change. Because Cohen will deserve a wonderful sleepy time with mommy too.
I hope that I will have the energy to give them both magical sleep.

Roger is going to take over Griffin's bedtime after Cohen is born because I will be nursing.
Although Roger enjoys that time with Griffin I can hear him attempting to tell him The Magic Pillow story over the monitor and Griffin will correct him at parts and say "Mommy doesn't tell it that way!"

We will find our way as a family, I know we will.
We will love each other through all the new changes that are coming our way.
Maybe I'll do bedtime with Griffin while Cohen is attached to my boob.
I'll just be a big a life giving, story telling, over-indulgent mommy
who can love both of her boys equally at once.

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