Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cool baby gear

I had amazing visit with my doula Pat Nielson today.
I just love that woman.
She makes me feel all safe and warm.

She owns Full Bloom Pregnancy Center.
If you live in the Athens area, you have to go into her little store and check out her cool baby gear.
Here are a few gems that I purchased for Koen (this is how we are spelling his name , it's official!)

The Maya Wrap...I can just see myself strolling through the
grocery store sporting one of these wraps
with my baby snug on my belly
with Griffin in the shopping cart begging me
to buy him candy.
Adiri baby bottles
Which are perfect for breastfeeding babies!

Banana Hat!!!!
How could I pass this one up?

1 comment:

Mary Jessica said...

I love the spelling of Koen - it reminds me of "koan." I only remembered part of what koan is, so I looked it up and liked it enough to share: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koan

Also, the word verification I have to type in is "baboxing." For some reason, this is hilarious to me.