Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We call him Red

We have a beautiful bird that has been visiting us in the backyard these days.
He loves to hang out in this one tree that is right outside the French doors that lead to the back deck so,
I spend a lot of my time admiring this little fella
with my swollen ankles propped upon the couch.

I am not an avid bird watcher,
although deep down inside
I've always wanted to own a pair
of binoculars and a field journal
where I keep track of the birds that I see.

I spotted this little guy 2 weeks ago
and called my dad.
Both of my parents enjoy birdwatching
so I asked him to look it up in his little bird book.

He was thrilled that I cared.
I described the bird and my dad
very enthusiasticly said he would
grab his trusty book to identify my
little visitor.

We bonded.

Turns out it is a
Downy Woodpecker.

I love him.
We call him red.

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