Monday, July 27, 2009

Simmering words.

"I feel like I still haven't become me.
I'm still starting .
I've got 50 years to open something in my head and try to get it out.
I've just done, like, 5 percent."-Bjork

This woman gets my brain excited.
She inspires me to jump around and dance all over my house with Griffin.
She inspires me to twist my hair up into 50 little buns all over my head.

She inspires me to expect more from myself.

I have a beautiful story that lives in my head.
It's stuck.
It's been stuck for 13 years.
I've written half of it and the other half is simmering.

I'm just waiting for the words to boil over.

Me and Bjork...were both just trying to let all of the creativity break free.


Linh said...

Leigh, I know that this is just one little thing that Bjork did but you know the whole swan dress thing? I think that's what you should be for Halloween!

Linh said...

And PS I can't wait to read your story some day. :)

Mary Jessica said...

I thought of you often while I was at the writer's conference. Please keep working on that thing.