Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pronto, listo, ya! (Ready, steady, go!)

Griffin's Spanish activity today. We learned shapes.

Griffin has been taking private Spanish lessons this summer. My Father-in-law is obsessed with his grandchildren being fluent and offered to pay for lessons. So, I tracked down Griffin's Spanish teacher from school, the lovely Ms. Elizabeth. She comes over to our house Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with all of these wonderful activities for Griffin to do to expose him to the language. It's really fun because I am learning it with him.

I took Spanish in high school but didn't learn it. I sat next to a very studious girl named Lauren that let me copy her homework and look over her shoulder during tests. The only phrase that I took with me was ¿Dónde está la casa de Pepe? (translation, where is the house of Pepe?) I find this phrase to be wildly entertaining. I said it all the time as a teenager and still say it to this day. You have to say it super fast and with much conviction. I also enjoy the word Miercoles, which means Wednesday. I like to say it out of context all the time.

Well, these phrases have been replaced. I can't believe it but I found something so fun to say that I've forgotten all about Pepe and the location of his house. I'll type it out for you in a fancy Mexican font just to make it seem more enticing to you.

Which means...HIGH FIVE! I say it all day long. If Griffin does something worthy of praise, I say " Choque los cinco!" with my hand raised and we slap five. It's so much fun to say.

Try it. Next time you want someone to give you five just say "CHOKE-A-LOW-SINK-O!"
I promise you that it will be an instant party.

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