Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet Child o' Mine

I had a beautiful moment with Koen this evening.
He was laying on my bed next to the window
and the sun was shining on his face.

I swooped down and rubbed my nose on his cheeks, chin, neck, and belly.
As I nuzzled his belly, I could see him raise his head
and watch the trees outside blow in the wind through the window.
Then, he released the most glorious giggle.

It was such a sweet moment to witness,
my little baby enjoying life and taking in the world.
I swaddled him and took him in my arms.
As I rocked him back and forth to lull him to sleep
I sang Guns and Roses to him.

He really is such a sweet child of mine.

1 comment:

littlegypsy. said...

aren't these the most beautiful voices? have you heard their version of lily allen's song "chinese"? amazing!

thanks for visiting my blog! i love yours as well. :)