Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm crafty!


I got all creative and made myself a little button
for my huge following that
consists of 8 readers.

All of the cool kids are doing it.

If you want to support me
in my battle with laundry
just copy and paste the code
onto your layout and wah lah
you will be a cool kid too.


Tesa said...

Very cool! How did you do that? I'd love to make a button or badge or whatever they are called, but have no idea how to do it. Figured I'd Google it one of these days when I have an extra couple of minutes, which unfortunately never seems to happen.
Looks good though and I will grab it and post it on my blog for you, as soon as I figure out how to do that too!

Tesa said...

Just letting you know, I put your badge up on my blog. It looks pretty cool. Come check it out when you get a chance. Still trying to figure out how to make one over here.

Anonymous said...

Leigh, I am proud to be one of your eight readers. :) I put your button on my blog.