Sunday, August 23, 2009

My prestigious award!

I am interrupting The Poetry Project to announce a very special award that I am the recipient of. I have been noticing these sweet awards popping up on other Blogs. Awards like..."The Best Mommy Blogger on the Block Award" or "You're super duper shmooper cool cause I am giving you this" award.

Well, I've grown tired of waiting around for someone to validate my blogging abilities. It's just not like me to sit and wait for people to notice me.

As a little girl, if I knew that a bunch of kids were playing without me, I would strategically walk by and act all surprised to see them. Then, I would simply invite myself over to play. Sure, they may have been annoyed at first, but after they realized how much more fun they were having because I was there, everyone was happy.

In high school if I didn't have a date for the Homecoming dance, I would gather up all the other dateless girls and we would have a "Homecoming Rejects" party at my house. We would get all hopped up on sugar and then toilet paper cute boys houses while they were at the dance. It was so much more fun than having some dude rub his "manhood" on your thigh while you slow danced to The Cure.

So in that same can do spirit, I have created a Blog Award like non other. It's the "I love my own damn blog" award. Here are the rules.

Post the button on your Blog and then write three things that you love about yourself. Then, select three Bloggers that you respect and invite them to come and admire your award.
It's that simple.

So, without further ado...

Three things that I love about me.
1. I have a very sexy brain.
2. I can tell you anything you want to know about a celebrity that was featured in People Magazine this week.
3. I can sing a very rousing rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart at any Karaoke jam. Be it out in public or just a friend's living, I rock the house!

Feel free to award yourself with this prestigious honor!

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