Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Poetry Project: Day 3

{image via Fine Art America}

New Orleans

by Leigh Hewett

We shook the city until all the stars
fell with passion into our cocktails
and we gulped down all of the dirty
lights the street had to offer.

The restless night sent us searching for trouble
and with you by my side
we searched every last corner.

There is so much freedom in loving you
I thought to myself
as the music pushed through your hair.

I felt so young
and so fresh
and so lucky
to have found a simple surprise
in you.



Mary Jessica said...

I love this project. I feel so lucky to be reading your poems. I would not be so brave to post any I had written, I think. But I sure am glad you're doing this. You are so good.

leigh hewett said...

You are good for my ego because as I've told you, I totally look up to you.