Saturday, September 19, 2009

Has anyone seen this man?

This photo was taken on a balmy night in Savannah, Georgia. It is a great memory from what I can remember. We had been drinking Mint Julep's all night and took a sloshy stroll by the river. Roger was so happy and drunk as we stumbled and laughed, stealing kisses as the evening lights reflected off of the water.

Fast forward to a rainy September day 5 years later. This same man is very cranky and cumbersome. He accidentally deleted an entire system he was building on his laptop and it has turned our Saturday sour. I've tried everything to cheer him up. I made us all load up in the car to get ice cream at Sonic. I've never seen someone grimace while eating an ice cream cone like he was earlier. I tried making fun of him and pretending to drop kick him as I walked by him and Griffin as they played a game on the floor. I've never seen someone look so sad while playing Pop n Hop. I climbed up in his lap and shook him and said "Hey,remeber what it's like to have fun?" All I got was a shrug. Griffin said "He still looks like that mom!" pointing to Roger's frown.

I've got to pull out the big guns. After the kids are in bed and he has slumped his sad bones onto our big red couch, I am going to put on the song "She's a maniac" and perform a kick ass Jazzersize routine in his honor. That always cheers him up. I might even put on some leg warmers to add to the mood. If that doesn't work, then I'll have to pull out the heavy ammo and give him a big ol' juicy kiss.

If that doesn't work then I am calling the Police and filing a missing person's report.


Atlanta said...

I really think the Leg warmers will work. Who wouldnt smile at leg warmers?! If he doesnt, you really have a problem on your hands. Hell, Im tired and cranky but if you showed up in leg warmers you would get a smile outta me. Please please please rip a sweatshirt and wear it off your shoulder. That would really get him.

JennyMac said...

Jazzercise...that will lift anyone's spirits! :) Or, at least your routine will.

I have two awards for you. Put your party dress on and come on over.

Theta Mom said...
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Theta Mom said...

Sorry, I forgot to spell check the last comment. I know, I am so Type A...Anyway, my big comment was, the leg warmers should do the trick, no?


you have been awarded. come retrieve it at my blog!

Alicia said...

man i hope it worked!! i hate when jordans like that...i'll stop at nothing to make him turns into my lifes mission!!!