Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am a Bowerbird Blogger

I am a hungry writer that is starving for readers. My days are spent wavering between neglect of personal hygiene, a constant upkeep of my home, and the small task of raising two boys. Some place within that shuffle lives this space. I come here and spill out my thoughts and then pray that they don't just float around in cyberspace. I need you.

Yes you, lovely reader, who stops by and checks in with my simple little life. I need to flex my creative muscle for you. I need to strut my words like a Bowerbird builds a bower to attract females. They spend 9-10 months of the year constantly working on, improving, and rearranging their creations and in the end, they have a beautiful nest scattered with all sorts of treasures. From feathers to shells, these bowers are magnificent.

So, I gather my words and build my nest for you. An almost primal need takes over me as I write each day. What is this drive pushing me to put my life out there for strangers to read? Where does this ravenous spirit in search of readers come from?

I am a Bowerbird Blogger with a sensation bower just waiting for you to flutter by and read my thoughts. No giveaways...no sponsors...just a tower of simple words.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love that. My need is just for comments. I'm pretty simple that way!


absolutely true! i read to entertain and for entertainment! be bold! go out and SNATCH UP THOSE FOLLOWERS! they have no clue they want to follow you YET! go get 'em tiger!

Atlanta said...

Well I don't need giveaways to read your Blog, so I hope that just makes your day. I however have stooped to using a giveaway as the proverbial porkchop to get people to stop on by and maybe like what they see. Shame on me... ha! like I won't do it again!

Alice in Wonderland said...

I only recently found this site, but I love it! I write simply because I like to! It all started with me breaking an ankle and looking for something to do, but then I got so involved with what was going on elsewhere, that I had to see what happened next. I don't need awards or givaways, but I would like some!
I just write because I like to read what is going on...and it has become a hobby! I was shocked when I did a fun quiz to find that I was 85 per cent addicted!

Alicia said...

did you just try to seduce me? i'm pretty sure that's what happened! you sneaky little bowerbird you!! and i friggin love you...and that's whats most important. just remember that.