Friday, September 11, 2009

A simple little story

First up, let's take a moment together to repsectfully remember the sad events of September 11, 2001.

I could ramble on and on about that horrible day. I spent a long time being devastated by the events that unfolded. A little part of me will never be the same and I was safe in Georgia on that day. I feel deeply for the people directly affected. I'd much rather talk about something that makes me happy though. We don't want the terrorists to win by stealing every Blog post out there today.

Instead I'll tell you a simple little story. Last night I was sitting in my office milling around on my computer. Koen had fallen asleep early and Roger had taken Griffin outside for an "evening hike". We live on 2 acres and the two of them love to meander through the property digging up rocks and throwing them at trees or collecting rocks and lining them up on our porch railing. Griffin has quite a collection.

I love the "evening hike" because after a long day with both of the kids I get a moment to myself. Well, while I was catching up on reading some of my favorite Blogs, Griffin came barreling into the room. He was excited about something and grabbed my hand. "Mom, you gotta come see this!" he exclaimed as he led me to the front porch. He enchanted me as we walked, making eye contact with smiling eyes and skipping as we headed outside. I couldn't wait to see what he was going to show me.

He pulled me out to the porch and presented this to me...

"Look Mom, it's the biggest rock in the whole wide world!"

Might heart swelled with pride. The fact that he still gets excited about crap like this is awesome. He was stoked and it made me stoked. We hopped around the porch and marveled at his simple discovery. His little spirit is so eager to celebrate life and it's contagious. I honeslty was excited about that huge rock.

Let's face it, we all think that our children are special and gifted but mine REALLY is.

Like the other day he said this to us when we would not let him play video games. You have to say it in your mind with the saddest voice known to man. "You are turning my Summer into a Monday and taking away all of my fun!" When did he learn to weave such a fantastic metaphor?

I just love those moments when my child dazzles me with his fresh perspectives. I hope that he always scouts me out to share the little things that he finds impressive. I hope that he never outgrows accusing me of taking away his fun in such a creative way. I hope that he can hold onto his sweet little thought process for as long as he possibly can because he ignites the child in me.


Cat said...

That is heartwrenchingly awesome. What a cool kid.

vanilla said...

Do you suppose the Little Champion would mind if I borrowed "You are turning my summer into Monday?" on occasion?