Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh's me, Leigh!

I've learned that giving birth sends me into a hormonal tailspin of personal neglect. I know that I'm not the only woman out there that falls victim to this. Sure, there are those ladies that bounce right back and have tons of energy and look great. I bet that these are the same women that had zero morning sickness and only gained 2 pounds while pregnant.

Not me. No, I am complete mess at the end of pregnancy and even more of a mess afterwords. It seems like I turn into a shadow of who I once. I have no motivation to take care of myself. It took two years after giving birth to my first son to be ready to lose the baby weight. These days a shower is not something that happens for me. I take a cat bath, put on new undies, spritz a little Coco Chanel perfume on my pits, put a hat on, and run out the door. I make vain attempts to rectify the situation but inevitably, I end up back at the bottom of my own list.

Well, yesterday, I found myself taking better care of myself. It was an accident really. I somehow ended up in a chair at the Bobbi Brown counter getting a makeover. Of course, I almost fell asleep right there in Belk as a 20 year old smeared moisturizer on my face and declared that my skin was "scary dry". It didn't matter though, I was doing something for me. Not even a skinny judgemental 20 year old could steal that moment from me.

My mom splurged and bought me this make up.
I actually put some on yesterday and felt pretty
for the first time in 8 months.

Then, in a haze of exhaustion I had a weak moment the other day
I ordered the Crunchless Abs DVD after watching an infomercial about it.
It came in the mail yesterday. I'm actually going to do a 10 minute workout
while my baby naps this afternoon.
I also didn't eat one bite of my son's
leftover Birthday cake yesterday.
It had become a problem, I mean,
I left a knife in the box of cake and would just take
a little slice here and there as I walked by all day long.
Before I knew it,I had eaten 1/4 of the cake in 2 days.
Not cool fatty!
Not yesterday though...
I took the knife out of the box!

Then, last night before I went to bed
I somehow found myself washing my face.
I also opened this awesome night creme that
Roger got for me as an anniversary gift-in May!
I finally took off the wrapping
and smeared this stuff all over my face.

As I sprawled out in bed reviewing my day
and saying my prayers last night I realized
that I had accidentally pampered myself.
It felt good.
Perhaps I'm having an awakening.
Perhaps I'm done hydroplaning on my hormones.

Leigh is coming back!


VandyJ said...
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VandyJ said...

Good for you! We mommies tend to forget to put ourselves on the list in the first place. A happy mommy makes for happier family. Keep it up!

Stephen, Shanelle, and Sean said...

Whoot whoot! a day of beauty is always good- at least I think it is? I can't remember the last one I had.I am so proud of you.
* On s ide note to all of theose women who didn't have what I call- a real pregnancy - and got back into a bikini within 3 months **Yeah we noticed you in Swim class... all 1/2 of you.Thanks for rubbing it in. :)

Erin said...

Leigh--I'm so happy for you, this sounds awesome!

I've fallen off the Jazzercise bandwagon and am trying to get back on. it's hard.

And I ate cake leftovers for days. I suck.

P.S. I love you like that n ight cream? Let me know!

Hillbilly Duhn said...

As I look down at my frumpy sweatshirt, realize I just admitted on another blog I've gained weight this past year (Which sorry to say, never have really in all my life) and I don't have the excuse of recently having a baby in the last year or two.

I haven't worn makeup in awhile, my leg hairs I'm sure I could braid. The last time I curled my hair? Eh..who knows.

Maybe I aught to give me a pamperin!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I love Origins, anything Origins! And minty... yum :)

I was one of those vile women who easily lost the baby weight (although I had enough morning sickness to EARN that, I think!); however, I also lost ALL my energy. I feel so lethargic these days. Maybe *that's* why I don't do anything but work and play with the baby!


Danielle said...

I am going to the origins web site right now. You deserve to pamper yourself mamma!

Alicia said...

that's awesome!! seriously! i'm a firm believer that we mama's need to make times for fact... i should go do that right now...can't wait to see the new you, even though i love the you right now :)

Alicia said...

that's awesome!! seriously! i'm a firm believer that we mama's need to make times for fact... i should go do that right now...can't wait to see the new you, even though i love the you right now :)

BigSis said...

You go girl! I really have no excuse because my son is 9, so I'll have to take some baby steps!

kys said...

Good for you, dearie! Let me know how that cream works for you. I'm a product junkie. I would say it's cheaper that being a drug junkie but that probably isn't true....,


Women often neglect themselves after tending to the families' needs. Make time for you as you're a member of the family who needs care too.


omg we are like twins. my son was 2 before i decided to get in gear and lose the weight and it is panning out to be the same with baby #2. when will i care enough about ME to make me feel better?

i think i need drugs or something.

Daffy said...

Sweet! How did you like the night cream? My skin is also very scary dry... like frozen incinoman kind of dry. ALL OVER not just the face....

singedwingangel said...

Oh I know that feeling. I found this stuff called Seacret at the mall this weekend and fell in LOVE with it...

Raoulysgirl said...

WOOT! Congrats! Now, any tips on how to do it??? LOL!

Candice said...

Gotta make time for you girlie! It's a must.

Cassie said...

Good for you. It's hard to make time for yourself after a baby but it's better for everyone when you do. When you take care of yourself it becomes easier to take care of others. Well at least take care of them with a smile and pretty skin :o) Have a good day SITSta.

Moooooog35 said...

I wear adult diapers so you could say I 'Pamper myself' every day.


That was awful.

Working Mommy said...

Hmmm...I guess a little make-up wouldn't KILL me, huh?!


Amie said...

Thank you! Giving birth did the same for me in the personal care dept. And you know what? I think it is fine, even normal. Glad you feel like you are getting back in the swing of things.