Monday, December 21, 2009

Winner: Aqua Net Edition

We have a winner for this week's instalment of Freakshow Friday. My non-biased and exceptionally hilarious Best Friend was the judge for this round. Our judge was drunk as a skunk when I spoke with her last night. Needless to say, after much giggling and a few almost incoherent remarks (sorry Erin, this is the public shaming you get for moving to New York in the first place and then having the gall to have such a fun life that I can call you on a Sunday evening at 8 pm and you are totally sh*itcanned from drinking one Bloody Mary after another since noon! Okay...maybe I'm just a little bitter since I have 2 kids and I'm breatsfeeding so I can hardly even remember what alcohol tastes like. Wow...did my inner dialogue just come out again? Why yes, it did. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program) the point is, we have a winner for this instalment of Freakshow Friday. Here are the top three in no particular order.

Oh, if only I hadn't given Granny
that extra body shampoo for her birthday!

Come inside my vestibule to God...

Busted Kate
Rather than get it removed, Aunt Dot
concealed her parasitic twin in a giant beehive.

The winner is...the lovely and talented


Come inside my vestibule to God...

JennyMac is the funniest Blogger in all the land.
Please head on over to her Blog
and marvel at this fantastic award she just earned
to proudly display forever.

Thanks to all the people who played.
Tune in this Friday for another instalment of Freakshow Friday!


Andrea said...

Congratulations and GOD bless!!
Merry Christmas!!

Daffy said...

How grand! Congrats to the winner!

Beth said...

I can't believe I made the top three. Your drunk buddy totally made my day! And, congratulations Jenny Mac. Thanks for keeping the giggles coming, Leigh. Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Yay JennyMac! That's hilarious. I guess it's true when they say, "The higher the hair, the closer to God." Congratulations to all the semi-finalists! - G

Tami G said...

Congrats JennyMac - Hilarious!!!

Tami G

MamaOtwins+1 said...

I'm so sad I missed this on Friday - but Jenny Mac did it right!

JennyMac said...

Yeah!!!!!! Love this contest Leigh! Thank your drunk as skunk BFF too.

Working Mommy said...

LOL!! YAY JennyMac!! Congrats!


carol said...

She could move to Utah the beehive state.

kys said...

So funny!