Sunday, December 20, 2009

Leigh vs sewing

I was inspired by this DIY project over at Love Maegan. We had some professional family photos taken this morning and I wanted to wear something snazzy in the pictures.

So...I approached the battle with a needle and thread in hand.
I've been known to throw all kinds of hissy fits when sewing is involved.

This project only took me a few
hours to make and I didn't cry once.


The best part is that I used one of my
fancy bobby pins that I wore in my hair at my wedding to
make it look even more frilly.

I will call this battle
"The great sewing victory of 09"

For those keeping score....

Leigh :1



Matty said...

And I had a front row seat to this game. It looks great.

Working Mommy said...

Wow...what a beautifully elegant necklace!!


Lisa said...

I'm very impressed! The best I do with needle and thread is sewing on a button or stitching up a hole. And that's about it. The necklace is beautiful!

Busted Kate said...

I braced myself... not doubting your talents, but my own personal experiences with sewing make me instantly wary/empathetic to anyone taking up the task.

All I can say is WOW! Looks AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously. I'd pay a chunk of change in a fancy ass store for that. Well played, madam!

Anonymous said...

You've been given an award! Stop on over at my blog to collect! :)

Daffy said...

I could never pull off such panache! I'm wildly jealous of great style. I'm so 'classic' it will put you to sleep!

KUDOS! You are SO beyond the game you shouldn't even keep score!

Erin said...

Wow! Wonderful job, Leigh! It looks so pretty on you.

The Crazy Baby Mama said...

beautiful. both your work and YOU :)

Beth said...

I am SERIOUSLY impressed! Gorgeous. And, it looks great on you. You pull it off beautifully. Cheers!

Tami G said...

WOW - LUUUUUUV it!!!!!
You look H.O.T. woman!!!
good job :)

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

Awesome necklace! I don't even own needles and thread!!!

Sewing and me just don't dance!!

Well done you!

Danielle said...

You look so pretty in that!

kys said...

You are multi-talented! Great picture.