Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in review: July-December 2009

Somehow I miscalculated the days remaining in 2009.
I'm a genius like that, I guess.
I thought that I could list 3 separate months
over the course of 4 days.
As it turns out...I just had 3 days.
So now I have to cover the remaining six months
because I lost a day somehow. Where did it go?
I digress...

So, I will be picking my top two posts
from each month.
I don't want any of you
missing your New Year's Eve celebrations
on account of little ol' me
taking up all of your precious time.

July found us escaping the heat
and daydreaming about the beach.
We were bored and cooped up
all month long.

In August we packed up our crew
and headed South for the beach after all.
The drive there was insane
but it was all worth it in the end.
I even have a little movie to prove it.

September came with it's own set of worries
that I had to work through.
Roger and I had to learn creative ways
to show our love
in the aftermath of having two kids.

In October we had a great Halloween night
trick or treating with a ton of kids.
I also found myself laughing at Griffin's antics.

In November we dealt with some
of Griffin's illogical fears and had to spend some
time teaching him to overcome them.
We also hit some milestones
along the way.

Ah December, it seems like it was just yesterday
that I lost a battle to Christmas cookies
and went wild taking photos with my new camera.

As the year draws to a close this evening
I am thankful for every insane, crazy, overwhelming, ludicrous
moment that 2009 had to offer.

See you next year, suckers!!!


Working Mommy said...

Have a safe night tonight!! See you next year :)


Danielle said...

Have a good one! 2010 is gonna rock!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I've been really loving your review of 2009. The way you did it was really special and rather lovely. Sounds like you had quite a year.

Here's to a fantastic 2010!

Tracie said...

Happy 2010! I know you will have a great one!!

I enjoyed reading the review of your 2009. See you next year :)

Daffy said...

Awesome usual! You find all the great ones!

I'd say one of the highlights of my fall/winter 2009 is having linked up with you and so many other great bloggers! I'm really looking forward to 2010 with y'all.

Have a save, Blessed, Happy New Years!