Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Stay at Home Mom Chronicles: Grand Conversations

I'm realizing that my days around here seem to run together.
Ordinary moments unfold around me daily
and I need to stop and relish in them.
One day, my boys will be out living life
and I will miss these everyday experiences.

So, I am taking the time to document
the simple moments that pass between us.
I'm calling this little collection of memories
The Stay At Home Mom Chronicles.


10:00 am : Snack time and grand conversations.

Every morning, while Griffin is at school,

and after Koen's morning nap,
Koen has a snack in his high chair.
While he is snacking we have some
precious one on one time.
We have a little morning routine that I always look forward to.
It's a simple routine that I also
did with his older brother Griffin when he was a toddler.


While he feasts on a Granola Bar and Apple Juice,
I am in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher.
As I grab various plates and utensils to put them away,
I do a running commentary for Koen about what I am doing.


I'll say "This is a whisk and it's a handy tool in the kitchen."
He'll respond "Boo a gah isk?"
Then I'll say "Good...that's right, it's a whisk and you use to beat eggs."
Then he'll start singing something like
"Doo dwa ooh boo ah lah!" at the top of his lungs.
Then we both laugh.

I think that only a one year old
would find these types of conversations fascinating.
I have his undivided attention as I talk to him
about measuring cups, sauce pans, bowls, etc.
He works hard to echo my sounds and
I am quick to draw the language from him.

It's not an extraordinary moment at all
but one that I hold close to my heart.
A day will come when he will be too busy
running past me to play with Griffin
as I say "This is a fork!"
and he'll roll his eyes
and say "I know that Mom!"

Until then, I will enjoy
the simple pleasure of standing
in the kitchen and talking about utensils
as he looks on in utter amazement.


Leiah said...

I love it! What great memories to have...with both your children.

Unknown said...

OH yeahonce they figure out movement we are gone in the dust, sighs I know that feeling...

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

You've got to love a non-critical audience. You could actually sing an entire musical and he would probably love every note.

Ducky said...

It's the little moments that make the most extrodinary memories that fill and stretch our hearts beyond capacity.

Caroline said...

Beautiful. I love moments like that.

p.s. I love your Fiesta plates. I am so wanting some in turquoise!

This Wife Cooks said...

These are the moments you have to remember when you start to feel like you just might be losing your mind! :D

Sarah RDH said...

hahaha my son went thru a stage where he refused to call a fork, a "fork" and instead it was a "spoon with lines". Makes sense...

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful - and a great reminder to truly make every moment count. I'm guilty about not taking the time to talk with Molly about the measuring spoons as I'm shoveling her a spoonful of squash and trying not to drop my skillet, all before the next scheduled event!

Bossy Betty said...

Beautiful! You have captured a moment here!

foxy said...

So sweet! You share your moments so well... really make me feel the preciousness of it.

Rosy Revolver said...

Okay, yeah. I'm a bit teary now. So relatable and lovely. Where does the time go?? Great post.

GREAT post.

My Mercurial Nature said...

Yes, life before eye-rolls and's beautiful!

Susan Anderson said...

I remember talking to my toddlers all the time, giving them a running commentary on our lives.

You're right. They were very attentive audiences. Interestingly they still are, even as you may be in for a nice surprise there. I think establishing those lines of communication early helps your children value you as a communicant and internalize the experience of speaking to (and with) you as an important, positive part of their lives.

Of course, it's even more fun once they can speak back. And the conversations become more...shall I say...lively...!



Marla said...

So sweet and so true. These times are in the past before you know what hit you. You're a wise woman to live them wide awake.

w said...

you're a good mom.

when i put the dishes away, i don't. my hubby does. so.

The Only Girl said...

I suddenly wish my boys were little again.

Vanessa said...

I love those conversations. :-)

Ama Livia said...

So sweet. I LOVE your blog. xo