Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Stay at Home Mom Chronicles: Destroying TJ Bearytales

I'm realizing that my days around here seem to run together.
Ordinary moments unfold around me daily
and I need to stop and relish in them.
One day, my boys will be out living life
and I will miss these everyday experiences.

So, I am taking the time to document
the simple moments that pass between us.
I'm calling this little collection of memories
The Stay At Home Mom Chronicles.


My child is slowly driving this bear insane.

This is TJ Bearytales and he tells stories.
Koen loves him.

My sister-in-law gave it to us as a hand me down
and from the moment Koen met him
it was love at first sight.

(actual photo of their first meeting, can you feel the love?)

He loves this toy so much that he is slowly destroying it.

He drags poor TJ around the house by one arm.

He boxes his head and grabs his ears and shakes him to no end
He attempts to sit in the bear's lap.
It cracks me up to watch him
stand in front of Mr. Bearytales, turn around, back into his lap,
knock him over, and then pull him back up by his nose.

He does this over and over and over.

The poor bear has minor freak outs in response to this kind of abuse.
I'll hear a strange noise and trace it to TJ Bearytales.
He randomly starts talking or malfunctioning
at any given time during the day.
It's a little freaky to see this bear flailing his arms around
while shaking his head and wiggling his ears.

He might just have it in for us.

My nephew owned it for 5 years and
it was in pristine condition when they gave it to us.

My kid has it for one month and the bear has gone crazy.

No toy is safe in my home.


singedwingangel said... a mom of 3 boys I hear ya. My sister is raising her grandson, my sister has major OCD.. Wanna guess how interesting that is with a 2 yr old in the house. Oh yeah

Babes Mami said...

Hilarious! My son has had a duck go crazy, it makes creepy scary noises with no warning!

Sarah RDH said...

hahaha...My son has a blanket he carries & abuses. He no longer carries it in public (just at home & daycare for naptime). I however, had what I call my "sick bear". A teddy bear given to me when I turned 4, by my brothers biological grandma (we have diff. dads, but my dad adopted him after he married my mom. His dad left them.My brother stays close to that family still.) And everytime I was sick, I'd cuddle up with this bear and I still swear it made me feel better. He's been torn, sewed back up, missing some stuffing here & there...I planned to give him to my son, but he didn't really care for him too much.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I say the best snuggly things in life are those that become the most tattered or what I like to call "loved"!
When I was little I had a cat like TJ. His eyes came off and his stuffing fell out all over the place. I still have him and he's as raggedy as ever!

Katherine said...

My son has a stuffed dog that he adores...most of the time. The rest of the time, he completely abuses him.

I had a Teddy Ruxpin when I was a kid that also went crazy. And scared me so bad my parents got rid of it.

R Montalban said...

How sweet, his first love (other than you of course!).... Delightful moments, great to have and great to share....

Bossy Betty said...

You have exactly the right attitude about preserving these memories.

T.J. Bearytales may be going a little crazy, but he is loved!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Very sweet!!

But that bear is going to give me nightmares... something about the eyes...

Aleta said...

I love the chronicles idea! Each day is precious. I like how you appreciate the time with them and their toys :)

You made me think of my favorite teddy bear. I didn't have a name for it, but I loved it. I think my parents still have it in the attic. By the time the teddy bear was retired, it was missing one eye, two buttons on the chest and had stuffing coming out of one paw. But I loved it :)

The Empress said...

We've got a 15 yr old "barney" in the house. Remember him? Is he still on??

cathyjoy said...

LMAO! my son has a cow, a one-eyed, one-eared, one-horned, smellin' like a barnyard cow, that has been across the country and overseas. gotta admit that i haven't seen "moo moo" since the boy turned 15!

btw...i have an award for you! stop on by and pick it up!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Cute story. Thanks for the smile. It isn't so bad, remember what they say in the Velveteen Rabbit story?

KarmaPearl said...

Dude this totally looks JUST LIKE the bear from the movie AI.

Sue said...

It's like Chucky Bearytales. Scary!