Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Retro post : Griffin's Long Lost Fears

From time to time I like to look back
over my posts from this time last year.
It always puts my life into perspective
because inevitably, if it involves my children,
we have moved out of a particular phase in their life.
So, what seemed HUGE last year is a distant memory.

Take a look at what we were dealing with last November.
We've come a long way, baby.

This was originally posted November 4, 2009.

Things have a been a bit intense over at our house. Griffin has been
dealing with some new found fears over here and last night, he decided to go ahead and turn them into full blown phobias. Here are his latest terrors.

Fear of the dark
My poor son has gone wonky when the sun goes down.
We have gathered almost every lamp in the house
and placed them
lovingly in his room.
He even dodges shadow
s beneath furniture
and stares with horror out th
e window when darkness falls.
Daylight Savings
Time is his enemy.

Fear of Halloween
He has had it with all of the Halloween hullabaloo.
He is terrorized by the 50% off aisle
of masks and spider webs at any store.
All of our Halloween decorations
had to put in a box and then later
hidden in the trunk of my car.
He could not stand the thought
of a glittery pumpkin living in the closet.

This is a very rare phobia that has him paralyzed in fear.
He is afraid of Egypt, really his fear now extends
to the entire continent of Africa.
I blame this on a kid in his class.
For the month of September, he studied Egypt at school.
Some kid got a hold of him on the playground and
told him about the mummification process.
Now, he is afraid of his brain being pulled out of his nose.
He is afraid of the Pyramids, King Tutt masks, The Sphinx,
and the idea of any form of travel to Egypt.
The kid is ruined.

Fear of Pilgrims
This phobia does not exist.
I think that he just threw this one in
last night for dramatic effect.
In an attempt to comfort him yesterday,
I told him that Halloween was over and
now it was all about Thanksgiving.
The cartoon Arthur happened to be playing
and they were dressed as Pilgrims.
Griffin hid behind the couch and
very passionately announced that he was scared of them too.

All that I can do is be there for him with
a listening ear and a comforting hug.
I must try my hardest not to make fun of his fears.
You gotta admit, the Pilgrim one is a hard pill to swallow.



Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I've had a few of those myself. ;) Seriously, he is going to be one creative guy, just like his Mama.

Loved this post. :)

R Montalban said...

That is funny, perhaps he should have a look at the post I did where Anders looked Amish!

Jesslyn Amber said...

Hilarious! I love this!!!