Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The best little Christmas video ever.

So, since were friends and all,
I have to confess that I have a little mother's guilt
that every Sunday we find ourselves at Chuck E. Cheese church.
Somehow we have become that family that
just shows up at Church for the Christmas Eve service.
I mean, we do our best to teach the Golden Rule and
we try to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

I think that this little video gets right to the heart of the meaning of Christmas.

I showed it to Griffin in hopes that he would
meditate on the birth of our Savior
and he got super excited that the three Wisemen
partied down in the stable with baby Jesus.
I think that I'm doing a pretty decent job at raising a spiritual kiddo.
Even if he now thinks that there are glow sticks in heaven.


Sue said...

This is so charming, Leigh. Thanks for posting it. I am going to send it on to my grandkids.


Coffee Break Mama said...

Love this! Their little voices and the way they tell the story - both my kids want to watch it over and over again!

My Captivating Images said...

:) LOL! Love the glow sticks comment. It is all to easy to get out of the habit of going to church. You should look for a church that you just love, lots of them have great activities for the kiddos. Findig the right church for you would help you get excited about going back. :)