Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever is setting in.


It snowed...oh boy, did it ever snow.
We are all bundled up and safe
and keeping the crazies at bay, for now.
Both of the boys have colds so we aren't playing in the snow.
Which is making this situation very interesting.

Activities to keep us sane have included...

*Throwing birdseed in the snow and watching the birds feast.

*Watching a group of idiots get their truck stuck in the snow
and then watching the idiotic ways they tried to get unstuck.
At one point they considered tying a rope to the truck
and then using the fire hydrant to get out.
One dude tried to push the truck while it slipped in the ice.
He almost got run over twice.
They finally turned around and drove back home.

This was a good 45 minute distraction.

*Eating...lots and lots of eating.

*All kinds of Wii tournaments

*Dance parties

*Did I mention eating? Oh and baking too.
Then we eat what we baked.

So far we have electricity but it looks like it will be days until this snow and ice thaws.
I anticipate a bunch more eating in my future.
We are trying to survive, after all.


LisaDay said...

And then you'll be warm if the power does go out. Good luck.


Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Your snowed-in activities sound like mine over here for the last few weeks. Except that we aren't snowed-in. But that hasn't stopped me from eating and eating and more eating. Isn't that what winter is for? I liken myself to the bears in hibernation.

xoxo and hope the boys feel better soon.

Erin said...

we are eating, too. it's too cold here today to play in the snow (high temp of 10 degrees, dangerous windchills). love that pic of the boys looking out the window!!!

Tami G said...

We got lots o' snow too... kids are finally heading back to school tomorrow. OH and me too ;-)

Just wanted to stop by and invite you to my new "HONESTly balanced" blog! LOL
come check it out...
it's my escape to vent! HA!

R Montalban said...

Oh Leigh, I read just read this, but I did read the following post so see you are now all cosy by the fire

Hope you have a great weekend.