Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leigh vs. Cookies


I don't mean to toot my own horn but things have been
looking up for yours truly in the homemaking department.
My misadventures suddenly feel more like happy little adventures.
I'm not sure what's happening but it's been at least 3 weeks
since I burned some taco shells in the oven.
Otherwise, my oven has been burn free.

I decided to test my luck and make these cute cookies
for a Spring Celebration at Griffin's school.
I found this recipe over at the one of my favorite food blogs, The Picky Palate
(the good Lord knows that I have a picky palate sitting at my table every evening).

Here is the recipe.

White Fudge Dipped Easter Oreos

Bag of Oreo Cookies

Bag of Wilton White Candy Melts

Food Decorating Paste or Food Coloring (red, yellow, blue and green)

White nonpareils Sprinkles

1. Take half of the Oreos out of the package and set on plate so they are ready to go. Melt candy according to package directions until smooth. Divide white chocolate into 4 separate bowls then add paste or food coloring until desired color is reached. Start with just a tiny drop so you get pastels :) Stir then dip tops of oreos in chocolate. Use spoon to spread evenly. Sprinkle with sprinkles then place onto foil, parchment or wax paper to dry. Continue dipping until Oreos and chocolate is used up. Serve room temperature or chilled, Enjoy!!

Guess what?
These cookies were a smashing success.
I'd say that in the battle of me against my kitchen
that I totally took this one!
Let's look at the score card for those that are keeping track!



Pieni Lintu said...

Those cookies looks so delicious and colorful!! :)

Have a nice weekend!!! ♥


singedwingangel said...

dagnabbit I have to come live closer to you because it is apparent you are in dire need of a taste tester, and umm yeah to ensure the safety of future partakers to imbibe in the ones that are clearly dangerous or possibly poisonous *coff ahem* At least that is the excuse hubby uses when he starts snitching food before meals are served. that he saved someone from certain death by eating that poisoned piece..

Dixie Mom said...

And they are dripping in goodness...dripping. Hmmmm...dripping.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

YUM!!!! And YAY for Team Leigh!

There is nothing I love more than Oreo cookies so I am SURE I will love this!

Jaclyn said...

From the pic, they absolutely look like cupcakes! Delish sounding :) Congrats on the accident-free'ness!

Sue said...

Wish I could borrow some of that newfound baking luck of yours!

Keep those burn-free baked goods coming!


Tima said...

Oh.... going to try those next week!

Jordan said...

Looks delicious but I would never get past the purchasing the oreos part because someone, not naming names, would eat them all before I could ever add white fudge.

Linda D. said...

YUM. Not just for kids! Not just for Dads! But for Mommy's, too!