Monday, May 16, 2011

Becoming a Soccer Mom


Griffin just completed his first season of soccer.
I am officially a soccer mom and I have to admit,
it's pretty awesome.

Griffin was so proud to put on a uniform
and play his little heart out.
Even though it was a challenging season for The Dragons.
They lost every game but the last one,
thank God they won the last one.
They were the underdogs, for sure.
It was actually kind of cute.


Let's be honest, half of the kids had no idea what they were doing.
One little girl on his team just stood there
and looked cute most of the time.
Other kids were afraid of the ball.
Sometimes they got distracted by a
spontaneous game of tag in the middle of the game.
No one cared though, they were just excited to run amok on the field.


We really enjoyed spending our Saturday mornings as a family
watching Griffin play and cheering him on.
When Koen wasn't trying to rush into the game, he was right by Griffin's side,
wanting to be just like his big brother, the soccer playing king in his world.


I totally turned into one of those cheering parents
that gathers on the sidelines.
I would shout "GO DRAGONS!" and suddenly find myself
screaming at the top of of my lungs.

It was all I could do not to grab the other moms
and organize a dance routine to perform at half time.
It was so much fun.


They somehow pulled it together at the very end and won 7 to 5.
Griffin was so proud to take a victorious walk
and say "good game" to the other team
and actually mean it.

I have a feeling that this was the first
of many soccer seasons to come.
I feel pretty good about being a soccer mom.

Now all I need is a minivan.


singedwingangel said...

Not one of my kids have ever been interested in organized sports. Until the youngest joined Upward Bound this winter for basketball. He loved it. Love your pictures and I am glad they won one game.. That pic of lil one watching big brother is so sweet

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Oh my goodness! Griffin looks so happy and like he is having so much fun! I love the cheering shot of the parents! Gil is teaching Liz how to play soccer (aka futbol in this house) and I gotta say--I can see myself getting all into it too once she starts playing with a team! I played in HS and LOVED every minute of it. A GREAT sport for the whole family!

Tima said...

What a fabulous day!

Sue said...

A minivan and an orange slicer.


Mindy said...

I've got the minivan - but no kids in soccer yet. I'm glad to see this positive post because I dread the sports days. So many of my friends spend all their time shuttling kids to activities and all day Saturday at a soccer field. I'm not sure how to balance that yet, but glad to see it can be so fun!

Big Fat Gini said...

Our oldest did one season of soccer when he was five and that was it for him. The younger three aren't old enough yet, but I know they'll be all over it when the time comes!

Enjoy this. It all goes by way too quickly...

Kristy said...

How exciting for you and your son!

My Captivating Images said...

This was our first soccer season to. I loved it to.

Linda D. said...

Love that Little Bro is so engaged and will one day soon want to follow in Big bro's foot steps.. or should that be cleat marks?

Buckeroomama said...

My post today is about soccer, too! ...and I'll be linking up to your 52 Weeks of Happiness project later once it's up. Thanks for letting me know. =)

Anika said...

This is the cutest post ever. Adorable!