Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday Night Dates :: 2


To drink:
Gallo Family Vinyards
Sweet Chardonnay

There is just something so good
about a cheap bottle of wine.
We like to keep it classy around here.
I found the biggest bottle of Chardonnay
for $6.99 at the grocery store.
It was sweet and made me feel all fuzzy...
mission accomplished.


The menu:
We decided to make up a little plate of bite sized yummies.
Truffles from a local bakery,
strawberries dipped in whipped cream,
Manchego Cheese,
and Grapes Rolled in Almonds and Ginger.
Here is the recipe for the grapes,
they were just so dreamy...

Grapes Rolled in Almonds and Ginger
{from the cookbook Intercourses}

1 3-oz. package cream cheese, softened
1 Tbs. finely chopped crystallized ginger
15 to 20 seedless grapes, washed and thoroughly dried
1/2 cups ground almonds, toasted

Blend the cream cheese and ginger in a bowl with an electric mixer. Stir the grapes into the cream cheese mixture to coat. Roll the grapes in the almonds. Place on a wax-paper lined plate. Chill until firm.


The film:
The Green Hornet

Just as I lucked out because my husband
loves watching Jane Austin films,
he lucked out because I
enjoy watching
action/superhero/dude movies.

It was as if we were born
to watch movies together.


Why not invite a little romance into your life?
Just leave your link with a post about
your fantastic Date Night.
It doesn't have to be a Friday night date...
any time is a good time to reconnect.
Be sure to include that sweet little button in your post!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Those treats look yummy. I'm joining you today. Our date was on Tuesday though. Is that ok? I figure it is about connecting so the day is not as important.

Sue said...

Lately, our date nights are mainly weddings. Or sitting at home feeling glad for the respite.


Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

You were born for one another, I say! :) Your night looks fabulous and I think it's completely awesome you are doing this.

Can you believe that our Friday night date turned into me falling asleep while putting the kids to bed! Last night we tried for a date night again but I got smoothed talked into watching the basketball final instead of Eat, Pray, Love (*ahem* eat pray love was obviously my preference). ;) I didn't even know who was playing the game (nor did I care, but we'll keep that between us!) We were going to watch the movie after the game, but then I fell asleep--again!

So lame, huh?

Y'all are inspiring me. I promise I will do better next week!

Jenn said...

My husband and I played scrabble and drank beer after we put the kids to bed last night... It wasn't a planned date night, but it turned into a fun evening.

Melissa said...

I have to say the plate of goodies looks so yummy :)

Leontien said...

Haha i just hopped over from SkinnyScoop and i allready LOVE it! haha

Those chocolates look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Busy weekend so tonight's date night ... grilling some salmon burgers, then queuing up the Apple WWDC keynote presentation ... we'll sit on the couch and listen to Steve Jobs tell us what we want next!

Linda D. said...

Love the Grape Recipe and the movie recommendation! Any movie is a good movie when it's a date night shared with your sweetie!

Pieni Lintu said...

Those looks so delicious!!!