Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vaccines and Autism

My weekly column is up over at Athens Patch.
This week's topic...
conflicting reports about
the link between vaccines and autism.

Please head on over and join the discussion.
I would love to know your
thoughts and experiences.

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Sue said...

Headed on over. This is something I've wondered about many times.


Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

on my way!

R Montalban said...

we didn't give the MMR vaccine to Dexter, believing why take the risk. We instead gave him them all as single vaccines and paid for them (MMR in UK is free on NHS). Part of the reason they were combined in the UK was to ensure everyone had it (herd immunity, and pro arguments were that it is only 2 jabs instead of 6 from memory, and it ensures that people get the rubella part IS necessary and it is cheaper for the NHS both as a vaccine and to administer it). Ensuring herd immunity, that is a good thing, it is something that we must ensure to stop the awful diseases. Dexter had all his vaccines, and yep, as he got older he didn't like them, but we explained why they were important and he complied and got a treat afterwards for being so good, and he is fantastic :-)

Jaclyn said...

A few months back, the guy who headed the study that showed a link came out and said he totally fudged the study. People are still "seeing" a correlation, but the study that proved it was totally a fraud.

Jaclyn said...

Aaaand you knew that. I posted my comments in the wrong order. Apologies :)

Linda D. said...

Thanks for raising this issue. Kids must have their vaccines but the specter of an autism relationship, brought on by fraudulent research gave so many of us pause. It made us question how much "trust" we blindly give the medical establishment. Your article raised many deep concerns, issues, and opinions in the Athens Patch comments.