Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kids Kingdom Bakery : How Cupcakes Saved the Day


Lately Koen has been waking up at the evil hour of 5:00 am.
It's insulting, really.
Yesterday morning Griffin was up by 7:00 am
and by 7:09 am the two of them were bickering.

Mommy was tired and in no mood for such foolishness.

So, I decided that we would bake cupcakes,
just to have something to do
other than annoy one another.

It was like a dream.
The boys loved mixing up the mix
and we might have licked the bowl
and had cake batter for breakfast.

After 23 minutes of my children
tugging at my dress and begging me
to take the cupcakes out of the oven
while they baked,
the timer buzzed
and excitement filled the kitchen
as I pulled them out.

They were lopsided.

We decided to run a few errands and come back
to ice them after they cooled off.
After Koen's afternoon nap,
we had a party that involved
dipping spoons in strawberry icing
and smearing it on to our lopsided cupcakes.
One of us might
have smeared pink frosting all over their hair
but I'm not saying which one.

It was magical.
No one was complaining,
no one was whining,
no one was trying to wrestle with the other one.

We might have eaten half the tub of icing.

As we made the ugliest cupcakes on the planet,
Griffin announced that we should open a pretend bakery.
"We'll call it Kids Kingdom Bakery and
our slogan will be
So fresh you can't stand it."

I thought that was a stroke of genius
and so we jumped onto my computer
and designed ourselves a little logo
for our pretend bakery.
That took up another fifteen minutes

So, our cupcake baking
occupied my wild children for a good 3 hours
and that is how
cupcakes saved the day.

{We are taking pretend orders for pretend cupcakes,
Griffin says that they cost $25 each)


Linda D. said...

Great way to "save the day" Momma Leigh! Plus there's something about the smell of cupcakes baking that just permeates a home with a calm feeling! May your creativity abound as you find other ways to engage the kiddos on long days of summer.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love that it saved the day! I will have to try it the next time my two are driving me crazy which will probably be later today.

R Montalban said...

Well if we are pretending, send me a dozen! LOL, love it :-)

Ashley Sisk said...

I'd like those to save my day!

Sue said...

Impressive mothering, my dear!


PS. And I'll take 40, for an even grand! (My pretend money is plentiful...)

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Cupcakes always save the day around here! This morning, on our way to vacation Bible school--dunkin donuts saved the day!

I loved the way you described everything. It sounded like one of our bad days that turned good because of frosting. That's what I call being a good Mama! :)

Sky @ Capital B said...

LOVE. this. post.

Your blog might just be my favorite blog find ever :)