Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My son is a wizard...

Last week we went to Harry Potter Vacation Bible School.
Now, this theme may seem unconventional
and a bit strange to the more conservative church goer
but the kids LOVED it!

We opened our minds
and our hearts and I'm so glad that we did.

Griffin really believed that he was attending Hogwarts.
Between bible stories and fellowship
we attended several magical classes.
It was pretty awesome.
The spirit was so playful and fun.


There was a messenger owl perched at the front of the sanctuary
that totally added to the feel of Hogwarts.


There were skits performed each night
to tell the story of Harry Potter.
It wasn't masterpiece theatre but it was so sweet.


We attended a wand making class where placed
a fruit of the spirit inside the wand
to remind us to conjure up the good things in life.
I can always use a little Faith.


Oh...we made wizard hats
and Griffin wore his everywhere we went last week.
His little wizard hat was perched on his head
as we walked through grocery store and
he attempted to cast spells on the poor lobsters in the tank.


We went to an herbology class
and planted rosemary plants
and played with essential oils
and it was just so imaginative and fun.

We had a great time worshipin' the Lord
and casting spells
and waving our magic wands
all during the church service.

I just had to share the experience with all you Muggles.


Linda D. said...

Terrific that Vacation Bible School connected to a children's book. Harry Potter themes - good versus evil, using "good spells (in this case bible verses)" to handle problems - no doubt helped young "wizards" have fun at church!

Oh yeah, I want a Griffindor Wizarding hat and a spirit-filled wand, too!

Nicole said...

I'm so impressed that there was a Harry Potter vbs! I have been arguing for years (with Christian friends/family) that Harry Potter is the archetypal pastoral hero! It is a story in which good triumphs over evil, and I love all of the symbolism (I am an English teacher, can you tell?). And wands filled with the fruits of the spirit--wonderful!

Ashley Sisk said...

That is so cool. There's a DJ in our area that thinks Harry Potter is devil worship so I love that you've connected God to Harry Potter...such a wonderful lesson of faith. Love!

Singedwingangel said...

OK the fact that a church embraced this and flew with it thrills me. Despite all the things they label as evil the whole point of the series is to display the power of love and honor to another.. hmmm ya know like Jesus did.. yeah.
I love the pictures and I need a fruit of the spirit wand.

Sue said...

What a wonderful idea!


Alexandra said...

Ah I love this! 100 points to your church for having that VBS!

I stumbled upon your blog today, and I quite enjoy it!


Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I think it's great! What a creative way to teach children about God! You don't have to look too far to see some of the most famous Christians wrote some similar stuff: Tolkien and CS Lewis (The Lion The Witch and The Wardobe and of course Lord of the Rings)! Oh and I almost forgot Madeleine L'Engle (A Wrinkle in Time).

The pictures are awesome and it looks like y'all had so much fun!! :)