Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scenes From the Flea Market

I just love going to the Flea Market,
which is ironic because as a child
my father forced us to go every single weekend.

We would go after church and even went so far as to
bring a change of clothes with us
to change into after we went out to lunch
so that we would not show up
in our Sunday best.

We could get better deals if we didn't look too fancy.
We were very serious about finding bargains.

I digress...
despite being begrudgingly dragged
to the flea market throughout childhood,
I somehow now have a deep love for the place as an adult.


I enjoy the thrill of scanning the tables
covered in old junk in hopes
of finding a treasure.

The small collections
that gather in one place are fun to scout out to.

I always smile when I see the Hot Wheels all line up.


Oh and I enjoy so much
walking past colorful flowers as
their sweet scent swirls about the air.


The mexican candy is fun to explore.
So many strange and new flavors waiting to be discovered.


The table full of cables and wires
always looks like little black snakes.

What I love the most is stumbling upon
those items that you would only find in the south.


Like a Scarlet O'Hara doll resting on a dirty tablecloth.


Good ol' boys selling Watermelon
out of the back of a pick-up-truck.
I could eavesdrop for hours
as they sit and chew the fat with passer-bys.


A hat with a donkey perched on top.


Oh...and green tomatoes waiting
to be breaded and fried.

My mom bought a bag
and I said a quick prayer
that I would be invited over for lunch
when she made them.

Which I wasn't...thanks mom!
Just kidding.
Sort of,
but not really.


Linda D. said...

What a delightful collection of flea market "eye candy". Makes me want to go shopping right this minute! BTW, that donkey on the staw hat looks to be directly from Tijuana! And even better, probably only cost $1.00!

Tina said...

Nice photos. I also love fleemarkets! :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Cool photos. I want watermelon now.

R Montalban said...

I love flea markets too, as does my Anders and one day I know Dexter will too!!! :-)

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

You just took me back! Especially with the fried green tomatoes! Oh how I love them!!

And the Scarlet doll is a trip! She's all kinds of fabulous with her dressing room atop a ratty tablecloth. Wonder if she's make THAT into a dress! Ha!

Love it, Leigh. Looks like a fun day! xo

Andrea said...

I do love old school flea markets. It just seems like with the popularity of ebay and the like--people are more savvy about not just giving stuff away anymore (rats). I am envious of the beautiful $1 geraniums! Those cars are awesome!

From Tracie said...

Seriously...I kind of want that hat.

Sue said...

Flea markets are great fun. My daughter and son-in-law especially love them.


vanilla said...

Now that's my kind of shopping! You do the walking, I get to look at the pretty pictures. And I bought exactly what I would have bought had I actually been there.