Tuesday, August 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness :: Week 26


Rediscovering my love for reading.

Over the last six years since becoming a mama
I haven't really had an interest in reading books.

It's been just too much to try

to fit in reading

with my two little monsters
needing so much of my time.

Well, my love for reading

has been rekindled.

I suppose that they are getting older

and suddenly, my life has

room for books.


I don't have the luxury of sitting down
to read for huge chunks of time

so I find myself stealing moments

to soak in the story.

Slowly, as the week passes

I read the book in quick spurts throughout the day.

While waiting in the car line

to pick Griffin up from school,

I give Koen a book to thumb through

in the backseat and we both

take a minute to read.


I am a voracious reader
who gets pulled into the story easily.

My mind wanders to the characters often.

While doing household chores I will

think of the story and before I know it,

the dishwasher is only half loaded
and my feet are propped up while I read.


Sometimes I can't sleep
because the book is calling to me.

I snuggle up in bed and yawn

and read and rub my eyes and read some more.


As the boys play outside
and my cranky cat begs for attention,

I shut out the world

and get lost yet again in the story.

It's as if some the best parts of me
that were lost in Motherhood
are slowly coming home.


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to scout out happiness for a whole year?
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Anonymous said...

I love reading and I love how you find time to do it.

Unknown said...

I love that you are using those treasured moments for reading. I like to read for a few minutes every night when I go to bed.

patty said...

i'm part-way through 3 books... not that i'm a wild reader... i just can't find time to finish one when the next temptation shows up!! :)
love the shot w the book on your lap~

Linda D. said...

Best yet, you are modeling a love of reading for your boys, so by enjoying your love of reading, you are still being a great momma!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love reading too. It took a while for me to find time for it as well.

tiarastantrums said...

oh you are so lucky to steal moments to read - I miss reading so much! I never have time to read anymore!

Gina Kleinworth said...

I absolutely love reading too. Only I have to lock myself in a room far away from the kids to get past 2 lines without being interrupted! So I have been reading more magazines than books lately. It works for now- I can read snip-its of info in-between little ones needing me.

rachel said...

I love reading too, but spend more time on the computer lately! I had a blog free weekend and read the girl with the dragon tattoo...I'm going to have to read more, blog less I think!

Unknown said...

Yeah for reading! I haven't done much this month and feel bad.

Heidi said...

Reading was one of the things I missed most after having children. I figured out I need a book in my life to keep me feeling grounded, so I squeeze in reading whenever I can. I love the photos with this post!

Unknown said...

I love reading! It's one of the things I lost once I had kids, but I too am trying to get it back. (I think I have the same green chair as you!)

QueenScarlett said...

This makes me happy.

Susan Anderson said...

She is an author I really like.

And I am a binge reader. There, I've said it.


Christina Klas said...

Oh I looooove reading. :) I haven't spent nearly enough time doing it. I love your picture behind the wheel. I do the same thing. You never know when you are going to end up waiting or get stuck in a traffic jam! There is a notorious stop light nearby that takes FOREVER to change... I've even been known to pull out a book while sitting there. ;)

Susan said...

Glad you are able to pick up a book now. I have a hard time putting a book down when I start one, and used to love reading under the covers whith the flashlight when I was little. (Now I use the flashlight on my phone.) :-)

My Mercurial Nature said...

Jumping back into the happiness after a long break! Glad you're still running this meme!

Nicole Marie said...

YAY! I am back to linking up.
I love reading! I have 2 books I'm reading now..one paperback book and then another book on my kindle :)

Priyanka said...

Love the way you've captured those moments!

Dyanna said...

I am SO happy I found this blog! Thanks for creating it!

Caroline said...

I love how you capture each reading spot in such an artful way!

I'm not quite back to my reading schedule (ya know, the one pre-kiddos) but I see that my time is slowly becoming more "available". I find these days that i do lots of reading online which, of course I know you know is not the same.

Alisha said...

glad you have found little spaces in your day that you enjoy reading. that is perfect!!