Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moms Talk : Postpartum Depression

Imagine the anticipation of becoming a new parent. The nursery is filled with stuffed animals and the diapers are well stocked. The crib is lovingly put together and your heart is ready to love your new bundle of joy.

Now imagine the shock some moms feel when the new baby finally comes home and they discover that they feel desperate and afraid. At a time when most moms would be delighting in their newborn baby, women who suffer from Postpartum Depression have feelings that go beyond exhaustion and weepiness. It's as if the typical baby blues seem never to go away.

One local mom named Beth, who wishes to not be identified for privacy issues, found herself crippled by Postpartum Depression after her first son was born...Please go here to read the rest and comment away!


Sue said...

I'll go check it out, Leigh. I never had PPD, but I did have a terrible surgical menopause after having my ovaries removed, so I do know how much hormones can affect well-being.


Linda D. said...

Great ideas and great comments! I think your article is going to help lots of women who are suffering in silence. Reader comments also offer some alternative things to explore for alleviating symptoms.

RunMonkeyMama said...

I had mild PPD after my second son was born. It's scary o ask for help, but once i did it, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. As I got well, I was finally able to see what a darling little boy my son is.

Jessica Monte said...

Thank you for linking to this article. I had postpartum depression after the birth of my second child and it was rough. Thank goodness for the wonderful people out there who helped. Also, so glad that the blog Postpartum Progress exists! I love her daily e-mails!

Caroline said...

I am on my way over!