Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creating a Creative Space

I do my writing in our office/spare room/place where we toss junk space.
My mom and I made it a little project
to makeover the room so that it
can be a creative haven for me.

A place to be inspired.
A place to retreat.
A place to write.
A place to relax.
A place that is all mine.

So we cleared out all the junk
and moved in pretty things
that make me feel feminine in
this crazy house full of boys.

Here is a little peek of the
textures and colors
that can be seen in
my new sacred space.








I feel so much more balance
in my life now that I have
such a wonderful
place to write
and relax.


w said...

thanks for letting me peek. i like it.

Linda D. said...

Enjoy the creative space. There's a great magazine.. something like "spaces where women create" that does exactly the same thing! creative women need creative and inspiring spaces.

Linda D. said...

I'm going to spruce up my own office right now!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh! How absolutely beautiful and inspiring! I need to reclaim some space!

Daffy said...

FA BU LOUS! I've been thinking about where I can make some "ME" space in the house. This may be just what I need to jump start my motivation. I painted over the sumemr and lost my oomph a little. By the 4th room I was a bit burned out.

Sue said...

I have a room like that, too, just for me...And I love it!

Glad you've done that for yourself, with your mom's help.


Katherine said...

That mirrored side table is just amazing!

Sarah said...

How wonderful!